Environmental guide for smart business published

Ends/Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (October 30) announced the release of an "Environmental Guide for Smart Business" to facilitate local trades and industries to put green business into action.

"The aim is to provide a clear explanation and consistent interpretation of the regulatory requirements and infrastructure provision on environmental protection, and to facilitate trades and industries in ensuring that their businesses are operated in full compliance or even beyond compliance with the environmental legislation," Principal Environmental Protection Officer, Ms Betty Cheung, said.

"To protect the environment, EPD implements environmental policies, provides comprehensive environmental infrastructure and also promotes and enhances the environmental awareness of the community," she said.

The concise guide provides an overview of local environmental legislation and infrastructure in Hong Kong to assist trade and industry to implement appropriate environmental measures during various phases of a business cycle.

It also addresses generic environmental legislation and requirements that apply to all trades and industries, as well as providing specific requirements applicable to 11 selected specific trades and industries, prevailing in Hong Kong, that are considered to be more vulnerable to environmental legislation.

The 11 selected trades covered in the guide are chemical processing industry, clinics and related laboratories, construction and building renovation, electrical and electronic industry, fishery and poultry, food and beverage, laundry, dry-cleaning and garment services, metals products industry, recycling industry, textiles and clothing industry, as well as vehicle repair and services.

Ms Cheung said environmental management tips that could help the trades go beyond compliance as well as information on technical and funding support available for local private enterprises were also provided in the guide.

To further enhance communication with the trades, EPD would join with the Hong Kong Productivity Council (HKPC) to hold briefing sessions on the compliance assistance services that the department was currently providing. Briefing sessions are scheduled on November 6 and 16 at the HKPC.

The sessions will be open to members of some 150 trade and industry associations, academic institutions, professional organisations and related government departments.

The guide, is available in both hard copies and CD-ROM in three languages - English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese, at EPD's Compliance Assistance Centre on 28th floor, Southorn Centre, Wan Chai. It is also available on the EPD website, and the government website.